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Ivelsse Cordero Valdez

London UK,

14th April 2019

Dear Mr. Arthur
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read a little part of my history and for awarding me with the Martin Luther King scholarship. I would like to thank God too, because to be honest it was not part of my plans to go to that Boston event but his.
I really appreciated the way you and your team of colleagues treated me. I enjoyed been in the event.
Once again thank you so much. Because people of good heart like you is why I am where I am. From where I come to be where I am today is a miracle for me. I am studying hard and getting good grades. I want to make my parents proud and be a good example for my young siblings. I hope to be part of your team one day.

Ivelisse Cordero


August 23, 2018

My Time at C. A. E. P

My first couple of days at C. A. E. P I knew what to expect, a calm working environment and that’s what i got. I did my summer work for my classes but i also got to learn other things, like work with office mechanisms, make flyers for events, plan events, and even announce them. This summer we got to meet with the Dietitian of Lynn Public Schools and it was amazing. We planned a Health and Wellness workshop with her and it was a success, the kids and staff from the church came and learned a lot of things about being a healthy person. All in all I think that C. A. E. P is an amazing program, I got to build up my resume, meet new people and was still able to get my work done.

Why I worked here was because my mother said I needed a job. I think this place called College Application Education Project was great. What we did was that we did summer reading, write a report on videos, make presentations and flyers, do college resumes, and then we announce 2# events that we hosted at the church. First event was the Health and Wellness Workshop and second event was a Superhero Debate.

August, 8 2017

This is my testimonial about my experience at C.A.E.P. (College Application Education Project, Inc.)

I first started by going to City Hall, Lynn, Massachusetts and had an interview with a nice lady. After my interview she gave me a paper to fill out and told me to bring it back. After I filled it out I brought it back I got placed in a room with about 20-30 people around my age. After I waited for a while I received a large packet to fill out. I was there about an hour, and when I finished I turned it in. I wanted a job because my mom is a single mother and works hard to support, me so I wanted to help by paying for my new school clothes and school supplies. After about a week I got a phone call to go to College Application Education Project, Inc. (C.A.E.P.) 4 Adams Street Ext., Lynn, MA 01902,781-595-1022, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it where I was to start my new job. Some of the things I am doing at (C.A.E.P.) is volunteering, Learning how to make and receive telephone calls, experiencing work in gardens, organize college visits, computer college research, develop math skills, working with the elderly and community service. I also learned how to send emails and send letters to people. Mr Arthur Akers, my boss taught me how to start and build upon my resume. I will use the skills I learned from this when I am on my own in the real world.

Thanks so very much,



August, 2017

Earl's Testimonial

This is my testimony from my experience at College Application Education Project, Inc. (C.A.E.P.). On my first day here things seemed to be going easy and well for me, the work is a good example of what a regular desk job is like and sometimes they have you work outside, but I’m not pleased with is the pay because the people I interviewed with said I would get paid more than what they are paying now, but what I am pleased about is that Mr. Akers was kind enough to take us on interesting trips to colleges such as Salem State University and UMass Lowell and from my personal view and opinion overall I would say this job is alright. The summer program ends next week and I look forward to getting ready to start college in the fall.

April 4, 2017

Before we get started, I must share reflections of C.A.E.P.  First, a young college student came to volunteer at C.A.E.P.  She worked tirelessly with the students and tutored them tirelessly. One day, she insisted on taking the students for a college tour of her college. At the time C.A.E.P. could not afford a charter bus and relied on public transportation for the college visit.   The trains and bus went as scheduled, however, the shuttle to the college was not running that day.  We were faced with walking the remaining distance on one of the hottest days of the summer or safely returning home to C.A.E.P.  At that time the young lady was saddled with some health concerns.  She elected the we continue to the school by foot.   The students pressed forward with tremendous resolve.  We reached the campus and the entire party had a look on their faces as if we had arrived somewhere special and arrived at a place of opportunity.   Most of the students went on the college, some went into the armed forces, and we lost one to a tragic drowning.

The young lady went on to complete her legal education. When it came time to secure recommendations for the bar examination and initial professional references; she selected C.A.E.P., her health concerns are a thing of the past; and she is now one of the outstanding attorneys in the state.

Next, we had a work study student join C.A.E.P.  He had a lack of trust with the establishment structure; he had a criminal background; he was at the point in his life where he had to make life altering decisions.   He listened to the C.A.E.P. tutors, mentors and parents.  He began working with one of the local political parties. Next, he attended Suffolk University and is a currently a City Council at large candidate.

C.A.E.P. has a rich history of success stories.  Many use C.A.E.P. as a buffer between life changing decisions.  The choices are college, employment or becoming an active participant of the incarceration trail.  The time spent at C.A.E.P. assist students from falling for the life of prison and despair.

College Application Education Project, Inc. has offered resources to help thousands of middle school, high school students and GED students over the years. We care about students holistically, and through the mentoring programs, we help students build confidence, enforce positive behavior healthy relationships.  C.A.E.P. has hired numerous college students through the available Federal Work Study Programs.  Many high school students and college school students have been hired by C.A.E.P. through the First Jobs Program offered by the North Shore Workforce Investment Board.  Single parents (many GED Students) have received stipends to support their families while receiving Job Training and Community Service Work and C.A.E.P. from the Massachusetts Employment Commission.

College Application Education Project, Inc. (C.A.E.P.) established in 2004.  College Application Education Project, Inc. (C.A.E.P.) is not for profit corporation under a 501c3 designation by the United States Internal Revenue Services (I.R.S.)   C.A.E.P. is in good standing with the I.R.S.  C.A.E.P. is in good standing with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue; C.A.E.P. is in good standing with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, Charity Division; C.A.E.P. is in good standing with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Secretary’s Office.

The mission of College Application Education Project, Inc. (C.A.E.P.) is:   The mission of the College Application Education Project, Inc. is to set up an institutional mechanism and a community structure whereby parents and middle school and high school students of all cultures can receive direct college preparation. This training assists them with career development, college preparation, admissions, and financial applications. Please visit the College Application Education Project, Inc. (C.A.E.P.) website atDiflucan For Sale or the Facebook page at college application education project, Inc. (C.A.E.P.) to witness the outstanding testimonials from some of C.A.E.P.’s participants.

On a good note, Summer Program, and After School Programs are growing.  C.A.E.P has continued our strong relationship with North Shore Community College and the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance.  C.A.E.P. completed the process of producing a television show on college applications on network television in conjunction with the Massachusetts School of Law.  C.A.E.P. students contributed with preparing question and guest for the television production “ Behind The Game”.   C.A.E.P. continues to inform the public about C.A.E.P. programs and mission by the aid of television programing in conjunction with the Lynn Educational Television (LETV) The TV shows appear locally on Verizon Channel 36 and Comcast Channel 13. The student produced projects have a positive effect on our parents, staff and students.  College visits include the NorthEastern University, Navy Academy, Harvard, Brown, Yale, UMass Amherst, Salem State University, Syracuse University,Endicott College Boston College, UMass Boston and Merrimack College among others.  C.A.E.P. has taken two career opportunity visits and tours to ESPN.  C.A.E.P. has traveled to the National Headquarters of the National Football League. C.A.E.P. has participated in educational projects at Gillette Stadium with the New England Patriots.   C.A.E.P. has hired over 200 students since 2004.

C.A.E.P. has hired over 200 students since 2004.  Many of the students have gone on the college degrees and desired career opportunities.  C.A.E.P. continue to receive recommendations request from former students and clients as they climb the career ladder.  C.A.E.P. has become a valuable tool in this community.

We would like your continued support. Thank you again for your donations

Fall, 2016

C.A.E.P. at UMass Lowell

Hello everyone, I am Iroghama Isaiah, I started my service learning at C.A.E.P during fall 2016 through North Shore Community College Service Learning program. Volunteering at C.A.E.P. was actually my first job experience. I met and worked with CAEP staff together we helped students actualize their dreams in various area. I was astonished by how accommodating the entire staff of CAEP was. Everyone was about helping students and giving their services whenever needed. Volunteering at CAEP helped me develop the courage and skills I needed to give my best not only in CAEP, but wherever I find myself. I was exposed to public schools, middle and high school students, adults, admission process application process , financial aid process and lots more. The television shows were exciting as well. It was nice and fulfilling working with the younger generation seeing the satisfaction on their faces. My supervisor, Mr Arthur Akers is an amazing and a wonderful person. He is skillful and full of life and zeal.He made my time at CAEP interesting after all.
At CAEP, students are taught that they can go anywhere and be what they want to be. You too can! Join CAEP team today and you'll be surprised at where you can go from here

August 18, 2016

"Congratulations on your success there are so many who are blessed because of your Love and Desire 2 support and encourage are youth"

-- Michele Scott

Visitor Post

August 18, 2016

I am Sabrina Alphonce working for College Application Education Project. Thank you for the opportunity you gave me for working this summer! I did tutoring, worked on my summer reading, I learned how to write proposals! I also improved my resume. We also went on trips like Salem State University, Northeastern University, and we're about to go to the University of Massachusetts Boston. I also learned how to set up Fundraisers! I learned a lot from this job and because of that I'm thankful that it was my first job!

-- Sincerely,

Sabrina Alphonce

August 18, 2016

My name is Shaneil Nelson, I am an Summer Outreach Mentor at College Application Education Project Inc, with Arthur Akers. I wanted to thank you and the Northshore Workforce Investment Board for giving me and other youths in Lynn the opportunity to work this summer. Working with CAEP I have gotten the opportunity to visit universities such as Northeastern University, Salem State University and upcoming UMASS Boston, I have also gotten experience in writing grant request to several companies and doing community service by helping out Zion Baptist Church.

-- Shaneil Nelson

August 13, 2016
During my time at CAEP I learned what having a real job entails and how to work with other people and personalities. What I got out of this is that working hard feels good after you have completed the task because you know that you have helped out in some way.

--Taylor Parkin

Hey everyone, I am Jessica Ofurie. I started working at College Application Education Project in the summer of 2014 through North Shore Community College's Work Study program. I did an internship and got my certificate in the summer, then I started working in the fall. Working at CAEP was actually my first job experience. I met and worked with my colleagues and together we helped students in various areas. I was astonished by how accommodating the entire staff of CAEP was. Everyone was about helping students and giving their service wherever and whenever needed. This type of environment helped me to develop the courage and skills I needed to give my best not only in CAEP, but wherever I find myself. I learned how to do many things I never imagined I could at this stage in my life. I was exposed to public schools, middle school and high school students, adults, admission processes, grant proposals, Nonprofits, tutoring, different organizations, community service and various educational programs to help our students including myself to be better. It was nice working with everyone of them and seeing the satisfaction on their face when we helped them out with tutoring, mentoring, and through our voluntary activities. One exciting thing about CAEP is that our services are free and students and adults can walk in anytime to take advantage of our different services. You also get the opportunity to meet people and go places you never thought about. College Application Education Project is like my second family, I made friends who have been of help to me and have encouraged to succeed. If you’re reading this, I urge you to find out the positions at your school’s work study program or visit the city hall if you’re in Lynn MA, and you may just be lucky to find CAEP on the list like I did; apply and be part of us. You can also join us for community service or walk in and we will be glad to help you with any concerns you have regarding your education. The staff and volunteers in CAEP are not left out, we also take advantage of the opportunities that the program offers and we learn a lot. I just graduated from North Shore Community College and I have been accepted to Northeastern University. I owe part of this to my experience at CAEP. Here students are taught that they can go any where and be what they want to be. You too Can! Join CAEP and you’ll be surprised at where you can go from here.

-- Jessica Olfurie

When I was a junior in high school I attend the summer program at CAEP. My math tutor Mr. Jones helped me with my algebra studies. He was patience and understanding and a great teacher. In 2011 I started working for CAEP summer program . I really enjoy the participants and made friends with the other staff members.

---Quabah Bantu

CAEP is a great non-profit organization for all level students. It provides free tutoring for elementary, middle and high school students. Most importantly it assists high school senior with their FAFSA and college applications. Also, CAEP provides free GED preparation. During my journey at CAEP, I earned good experiences such as tutoring, mentoring and organizing. I recommend CAEP to anyone who wishes to get tutored, mentored and career advice.

Marven Pigeot

Octave Ntambi


I heard about C.A.E.P from a friend who volunteered at the project. I came to the C.A.E.P office to get more information and I was well received. I decided to volunteer as a mentor when I saw the good work that was being done.


I started volunteering on February 4th 2014.  I have  volunteered more than 70 hours on different projects. The project has enabled me to help students. On one of the projects, I helped to set up TV equipment for interviewing a New England patriot player Mathew Slater and a staff member for the patriots engagement program Deanna Garner at Foxboro stadium.


I would recommend this project people who wishes to learn especially high school students and people who get a GED. C.A.E.P provides resources and staff to facilitate learning.

C.A.E.P the reason I  like being at this program.

Is cause that it open offers many opportunity to many young people to

get them off the streets. My main goal at the program is to help and

reach out to many people as possible in my time here.

Sharmarrie Gentles

Hello, My name is Saffinatu Bangura, I have been part of the organization College Application Education Project for the past 5 years. It has been a very thrilling 5 years, I have learned and read so many things along the way. C.A.E.P has provided me many opportunities;  like college field trips, and other trips like the Boston Celtics game. I have also participated in fund raiser, like the black and white party. I have also  planned events like college and job fair. C.A.E.P. is such a great organization that can help and impact teens in so many ways. Thank You!

Saffinatu Banguia

April 22, 2014

My experience at the Gillette Stadium yesterday was a good experience. I got to help the TV Crew set up the camera and lights for the interview between Michael and NFL star Matthew Slater from the New England Patriots and the interview went very well. And I also met the Head of Security and a former FBI Agent and it was a good experience at the trip there and It was a pleasure being at the stadium with Mr. Akers and Octave too.

Robert Wells


I'm sorry but I won't be able to come. You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers for a really good turn out and outcome.  I think about you guts often. You taught me so much that I was able to incorporate with people that I have in contact with in the Salem schools. I was only in the schools for 4 years but I would never have been able to stand in front of a class without my experience with CAEP. Louis Orem

I enjoyed the jazz band! Seems like a great program  thanks for the invite Nicole Lane

Hi my name is Tyamoriah Nash and I am a outreach mentor here at C.A.E.P. I attend North Shore Community College majoring in Early Childhood Education. So, with me being here at C.A.E.P, I have learned a lot about this program, thanks to Mr. Akers for training me on life skills that i am going to be using in everyday life. I would like to continue to be part of C.A.E.P because I believe that this program will get very far one day. Especially with a great team that we have.

-Tyamoriah Nash (student staff)

I'm Jaime Figueroa, a current Outreach Mentor here at College Application Education Project (C.A.E.P). I also attend North Shore Community College full time as a Business Administration Transfer Major. My time here at C.A.E.P have been nothing but positive, interacting with other people, and tutoring. I have grown as a person and a student. I have gained the knowledge and strategies needed to become successful in an office environment. I love everything that i do at C.A.E.P, it has taught me how to be professional, maintain a clean desk, and has helped me become very organized. Through C.A.E.P I have been able to join local community organizations like the Lynn Democratic City Committee and give back to my community. I am grateful to have this opportunity and I will continue with C.A.E.P as a lifetime member.

My name is Robert Wells and I am an outreach mentor at College Application Education Project. I have been in association with the company for three years and I have enjoyed working with CAEP and they have helped me a lot throughout the years I have been with the company.

Mr. Propecia Buy Cheap I will be at an event on that date but I will come see you before then. CAEP has play big role in career, work ethic and has made me the person I am today. Keep up will the good work of help the young future leaders in our environment.

Go CAEP Go! Bai Gbala.


Hey my name is Sharmarrie Gentles, i work here at CAEP, i love working with kids. This is a wonderful program for kids in the summer and after school program. I work with kids with math, reading and more. This is my first year working here and i already love it.

Summer, 2012
My short term goal, is to get a second job and start my second year of college. My long term goal is to one day own my own business, such as a fashion boutique.

-Janet Valcourt, student staff, North Shore Community College student

Since I have been at CAEP I have had a great experience I started becoming a volunteer/work study student last week. Arthur Akers has welcomed me with open arms as well as the other staff and students. I am very happy to be a part of this team, we do so many great things for the kids and the community. I plan to stay here for the summer and fall when I start my college classes at North Shore Community College. I would also like to stay all year round If I am able too. I think CAEP is a great non profit organization.

-Lakeisha Davis,  student staff, North Shore Community College

I have been attending CAEP for a little while I started coming here for my GED program and during the summer I became a staff to help with work that needs to be done and to help the kids with summer work. It has been a great experience and I would tell others to come here so they can learn what i have

-Nicole Lessor, staff

I have been working with College Application Education Project, Inc for about five years in the past as a mentor and then supervisor. My experience at CAEP has always been a good one and I would like for it to continue that way since I have returned. Working with CAEP has taught me many leadership skills and values as a mentor and person. I have learned hard work and good values teaches me wisdom and lessons in life. Hard work also will bring me up in the ladder. My short term goals is to fulfill my contrac with CAEPt and see if I can get more hours in the Fall. My long term goals is to return to school to complete a Master's Degree in another field to learn something new and reach higher goals in life and in my career as well as have a flexible schedule to work and and do many other things in my life. I am thankful for the oppurtunities and blessings that I have recieved from God in Christ working at CAEP!

Thanks to Arthur Akers, staff and students for all their support

-Vanessa Charles, staff

My Experience at C.A.E.P was an outstanding experience and I am happy to be working with them throughout this summer of 2012 and be a part of the College Application Education Project Inc.

-Robert Wells, Volunteer staff

My experience at C.A.E.P.  I find it to be enjoyable  i met new people and this internship helped me to better my time management .  I also learned how to ask neighboring companies how to donate and give grants to our organization. My short term goal is to hopefully to have more sponsors. My long term goal is to graduate from college and try to find a job that is related to my career. I also want to be able to give back to the community and also to C.A.E.P.

-Quabah  Bantu, Staff

Dear College Application Education Project, I want to thank you for putting me in a position to achieve my goals by learning Math and English and other things I didn’t know. My goals are to become a professional hairstylist and make more money, so I can supply and provide for my family which is counting on me to make the right choice. Yes I recommend this learning tool to anyone that is struggling with learning needs.
P.S. I hope you can help me in the future.
Thank you once again.

-Raymona Long, GED Student

My name is Jarne Spain, I have been working here at CAEP for two years. CAEP has giving me the opportunity to work with the children and also help people receive their GEDs. This program provides a lot to our community and our children. They are always trying to improve their program and expand. They let me work flexible hours and they work around my school schedule.

-Jarne Spain, student staff, North Shore Community College Student

Hello, as it supposed to be, I am sending you this e-mail to give to you a feed back about my point of view of my job's position. First, I want to say I am very glad to be responsible and the head of this position. Second at all, since I started College courses, I find out that Mathematic is amazing; so somehow it is connected to my position. Because everything about the food is related to the Math, that is why I love this job. So let me say, so far so good.

-Habibatou Bah, student staff, North Shore Community College

Name: Uche Nwokeji
School: Lynn Classical High School
Why did I attend CAEP this Summer? I attend CAEP to keep myself Busy this Summer and make a few Money to help me for School
What did you do during day at CAEP?
I did some Vocabulary, Summer Reading, Math, Science, and Clean the Kitchen etc .
What did you like most at CAEP? What I like most about Caep is the Communication, the fun we had and the Summer Reading .
What field trips did you take? College Fair etc .
What community service did you participate in? Baby Sitting, Zion Baptist Church, Church, Serve Food at the Commons
How did you benefit from CAEP? I made some benefit by making Money, Doing My Summer Reading and keep myself Busy
Did you improve in Math?
Yes Improved really good .
Did you complete your summer Reading? Not Yet .

My Name is Nehla Nambouh and I attend Lynn Classical High School. I started attending CAEP because I had heard from a friend that it was helpful. I attended CAEP to get help in subjects I had trouble in and they help me see that it is not too early to start thinking about college. During the day, I did math and science exercises, college research and as an intern I help planned events. What I liked the most about CAEP is that tutors are hands on, they make you understand Whatever they’re teaching. I took a field trip to Naval Academy in Washington D.C, Boston College, Umass Amherst, Six flags, Boston Convention. I participated mostly in Babysitting for the Financial Stability. What I benefit from CAEP is an improvement in my classes in school. I really improved in math, I didn’t quite complete mysummer reading.

-Nehla Nambouh

August 19, 2011

My name is John Mckinnon,I'm student at Lynn Classical High School and a Student\Staff at the CAEP. This is my second time attending CAEP and I came back because I love it here. The people here and the environment are so beneficial to maintaining my knowledge of the last school year and preparing me for the next year as well. During a regular day at CAEP we do summer reading and math for about two hours each. We are also provided notebooks in which we record what we've learned during that time. My favorite part of CAEP honestly would be knowing that I'm being prepared for the next year of school. We also go on field trips, my favorite was going to Brown University. It was very interesting to see an Ivy League College from the inside. CAEP also benefits the community by having it's students do community service. I personally did a food pantry most Saturdays I was supposed to do community service. my most challenging subject is math and i feel that I've improved a lot by being here. My only regret about being here would be that I wasn't able to finish my summer reading; But that was entirely my fault the program gave me more than enough time to finish it. I was able to meet people who where truly beneficial to me here. Mr. Arthur Akers played football at classical and he was able to give me tips on how to play and allotted me time enough to leave here and still make it to practice. Also Mr.Jones, the math tutor, also taught me html, I can now make an entire website by myself. None of this would be possible without CAEP and i am truly thankful.

-John Mckinnon, 15 years old and proud student staff at CAEP

August 19, 2011

My name is Ariee Nash and I go to Lynn English High School. I attended CAEP to not be bored during the summer and to start preparing for college. During the day at CAEP we learned a new word every dat, did summer reading, math, and did research. At the program I liked free time and the field trips the most. For field trips we attended Brown University, Six Flags, and a college convention. I also participated in community service like the food pantry and a car wash. I benefited from this program by having a lot of fun and learning new things for school. I improved in math a little bit. I completed my summer reading.

-Ariee Nash, proud student staff at CAEP

August 19, 2011

Hello my name is Robert Wells Jr and I went to CAEP just to get a job for the summer and earn a little extra money. I do summer reading and some math during the day at CAEP and what I like most about CAEP is the lunches and free time. The only field trips I went for CAEP are the trips to Brown University, The College Fair in Boston Massachusetts, and the trip to Six Flags.

I have not did any community services yet and I just help out with the Car Wash and the company thoughout the whole summer. I did improve in Math just a little bit and I did complete my summer reading.

-Robert Wells Jr, proud student staff at CAEP

August 10, 2010

As the Supervisor of this organization, I can say that I love my job and am extremely passionate about the program. As a Social Work student at Salem State University, I have gained invaluable experience while working with Mr. Akers and C.A.E.P. Through my experiences working closely with teens in difficult financial or familial situations, I can personally attest that programs like ours are crucial. Over the past summer, I've witnessed firsthand the difference that an empowering learning environment and on-on-one mentoring makes in the lives of the at-risk youth we serve. The work we do here; college research, self-empowerment activities, cultural excursions and behavioral development, is very important as the students transition into young adulthood. We do our best to provide them with the life skills and knowledge to succeed.

As you may know, our program is self-selecting and completely voluntary. Students come to us on their own accord, truly hoping to better themselves. Once they realize the resources and support available here, they stay. Many of the students have shared that C.A.E.P. feels like a second home. They need a place to feel comfortable, safe, empowered and understood.

In conversations with the participants, I've discovered that few of them had considered college as an option before attending the program. They didn't even see why it was worth attempting. We have opened their eyes and shown them that anything is possible if they work hard enough. My personal motto is “With the power of will, there will always be a way”. This is exactly what we teach our students. In the time I have spent with them, I've seen tremendous improvement.


Arjana Makoci
Supervisor, College Application Education Project, Inc

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to thank you on behalf of Mr. Akers and the students of CAEP for doing such a wonderful job helping us bring Macbeth to life. The kids can't stop talking about the project and the pride in their eyes at the end of the performance days was so amazing for me, personally, to see. I can't thank you enough for donating your time to make that happen.

We are hoping to secure funding for an expanded--and more generously funded--version of our Shakespeare experience early next year and, of course, you will be at the front of our minds if we get the resources to make that happen.

Finally, I'd like to invite you all to our potluck luncheon this coming Thursday, August 19th at 1:00pm in our program office. The Hon. Senator Thomas McGee, all the kids and several community members will be joining us. We'll also proudly screen a 'work in progress' version of our new fundraising reel/the Macbeth performance!

Your work, professionalism, constructive feedback and energy meant more to the kids than you may know. Thank you again for participating.

All the best,
RuDee Lipscomb
Program Coordinator, CAEP

Impact Statement: College Application Education Project
Partnered with Borders Express in Swampscott

The events of September 24-26, 2009, as organized by CAEP and Borders Express, have had continuing positive impact in the surrounding community, as well as in the financial health of the Swampscott Borders store.

The choices made for materials presented for student, parent, and teacher use during the events have proven to be sound, and continue to be appreciated by the community at large. Students from the surrounding towns: Swampscott, Salem, Marblehead, Lynn, and even Beverly have come to the Borders Express store to purchase titles from the CAEP specified list. Sales have continued well into the month of October, and do not show signs of slowing. The students and parents appreciate the expanded selection, and teachers have expressed their interest, placed orders, and recommended more titles on the same ideas.

The introductions made by CAEP to Borders Express representatives have lead to increased sales and continued relationships within the Lynn English High School Community. The introduction to the LEHS librarian, in particular, has resulted in more than one thousand dollars in sales to the school. Teachers who were familiar with the Borders Express store already have had their interest renewed, and have placed orders for SAT and college essay writing materials. Interest was also expressed by LEHS faculty and staff in non-CAEP titles, and these